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Ariadna Santos-Arriaga is 16, a senior and class valedictorian

The Jefferson Project is a series that will chronicle four students and the principal of Jefferson High School in Edgewater.

Senior Ariadna Santos isn't just a good student - she's great. Like, valedictorian great.The 16-year-old is looking forward to this year because she is excited to grow, even though this year being her last one in high school is surreal for her. Learn a little more about her below.

Credit: Anne Herbst, KUSA

Name: Ariadna Santos-Arriaga


Sports or activities you participate in: Volleyball, tennis, boys basketball manager

Favorite subject or class: English with Mrs. Paulson

What you want to do after graduation: Attend a four-year university, hopefully out-of-state

Best thing about Jefferson: The sense of community and close knit family

Three things that make you happy: My family, sports, traveling

Three words to describe yourself: Ambitious, quirky, reserved

Favorite movie: Bohemian Rhapsody

Hobbies: Painting, reading, cooking, pottery

On the weekend, you’ll find me: Either spending time with family or out with my friends.

People would be surprised to know that: I am actually a really loud person, but people don’t usually see that side of me after knowing me better.

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