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'We have kids that genuinely need us:' Carrie Paulson still loves teaching after 18 years

The Jefferson Project is a series that will chronicle four students and the principal of Jefferson High School in Edgewater.

Carrie Paulson is a teacher at Jefferson High School and has been for 18 years - longer than most of her students have been alive. She loves what she does, mostly because of her students, but back when she was in high school, she considered dropping out herself. Learn a little more about her below.

Credit: Anne Herbst, KUSA

Name: Carrie Paulson

Where you went to college: CU Boulder Undergrad – Boston College grad school

Number of years working in education and where: 25 years – Derry, New Hampshire, and Denver area

Number of years at Jefferson: 18

Classes you teach at Jefferson:  Everything English – currently AP Lit, College Comp, 11 English and 9 English

Favorite class to teach: AP Literature

Best thing about Jefferson: The kids!

When I’m not at Jefferson, you’ll find me: With my Bernese Mountain Dog, Sebastian.

Favorite movie: Can’t think of one favorite

Hobbies: Hiking with my dogs and husband, skiing, traveling

If you weren’t a teacher, you’d...own a dog shelter.

Favorite place you’ve ever traveled: New Zealand

My students would be surprised to learn: I thought about dropping out my junior year in high school.

Three words to describe the students at Jefferson: Resilient, humble, accepting

Three words to describe yourself: Dedicated, compassionate, kind

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