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'We're kinda of the underdogs:' Mason Ham wants everyone to see Jefferson as more than the 'ghetto school'

The Jefferson Project is a series that will chronicle four students and the principal of Jefferson High School in Edgewater.

Mason Ham is a senior at Jefferson Junior/Senior High School this year. He says this was the school he was told to stay away from because - he says - it's viewed as the "ghetto school." Despite the school's reputation, he's succeeded. Get to know a little more about him below.

Credit: Anne Herbst, KUSA

Name: Mason Ham

Age: 17

Sports or activities you participate in: Basketball, track, leadership, student body president

Favorite subject or class: Leadership

What you want to do after graduation: Go to college in Portland and work at NIKE or a sneaker resale shop.

Best thing about Jefferson: My friends and classmates.

Three things that make you happy: My clothes and sneakers, my friends and family and music

Three words to describe yourself: Charismatic, outgoing, kind

Favorite movie: Scott Pilgrim vs. the World

Hobbies: Basketball, listening to music, sneaker customization, photography, sneaker/streetwear collecting

On the weekend, you’ll find me...out with friends or shopping at streetwear shops or playing basketball.

People would be surprised to know that I have an internship at NIKE next year.

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