When Amber Miller enrolled in Colorado Connections Academy, she was excited about the idea of controlling her own schedule in an online school.

"You get to decide what order you do the classes, how long they're going to take you," Amber said. "You could set a specific date of each class."

She is a 10-grade student at the public, tuition-free program with around 2,500 students scattered around Colorado. Connections Academy hosted a Back to School picnic so students can meet each other for the first time this school year.

"It gives me a chance to meet my classmates face-to-face," Amber said. "You see a name on the screen and a little chat thing in your live lessons and it's different to actually meet the person and see what their personality is like and maybe even exchange phone numbers."

She says online students are a lot more social than some people think.

"There are about 12 field trips just this month where you can go out and have a chance to meet other kids," Amber said.