Teaching academics to students in school is one thing, but how do you teach students to be good people? At Green Valley Elementary School, the answer is to make music videos.

"What we really like about it is that we see a lot of kids that aren't always excelling in the classroom, but they get this chance to shine on the big screen, on our wall," Adam Parker, school psychologist, said.

Parker works with teachers to identify students who have exemplified good character traits like perseverance, respect, and integrity. Then, they change the lyrics of a popular song and make a music video about a certain personal quality.

"To get into the music video is a pretty big honor," Parker said. "You get to be honored in front of the whole school, you parents. You can win an award."

Each month, Green Valley debuts a new video for the entire school community.

"I tried my best, so I could be in the video because to celebrate how I did," Jazzmon Mitchell, fifth grade student, said.

Monta Johnson says it has helped him behave better in class.

"It helps me focus," Monta said.

Parker says attendance rates of gone up and suspensions have decreased since the videos have started.

"We focus on the social-emotional piece and I think that's the most important moving forward," Parker said. "Being able to have all these skills to get a job some day and work with you co-workers and work with your peers."