CENTENNIAL - A little serendipity is to thank for an accidental blast from the past at Dry Creek Elementary school in Centennial.

While a district HVAC technician was preparing for an overhaul in the schools basement, he stumbled upon a trap door. When he opened it he discovered a box covered in dust and spider webs.

“I didn’t know what it was at first and then I realized it was a time capsule,” Steve Meyers said.
Even more surprising is that on the lid of the box, someone had written in marker “Do not open until May 1st, 2016.”

“It’s an incredible coincidence to find it the same month they wanted it to be opened up,” Myers said.

The Capsule was created by a fifth grade class in 1991. Inside was a slew of classic 90’s paraphernalia, including a collage of famous 90’s actors and musicians, a list of the best fast food places, and a VHS with kids explaining 90’s slang.

Heidi Shriver, the principal of Dry Creek says no one at the school knew the capsule had been buried.

“This is a complete accident,” Shriver said.

Shriver says the capsule also contained at least a half dozen handwritten letters. Some of the letter contained predictions of what students expected the future to be like, others were simply observations of life in 1991.

A list of the students who participated in burying the capsule was also found inside. The school now hopes to track down all of the participants.

Shriver says the discovery of the capsule has inspired her to perhaps bury another one for students to find in 25 years.