DENVER — When South High School students walk into their social studies classroom on Monday morning, they'll see a sign explaining why their teacher won't be there. 

"Dear Students," teacher Hayley Breden wrote in red marker. "I am choosing to go on strike because I believe in you and in the profession of teaching. I want Denver students to see themselves as future DPS educations, and I want the very best teachers to choose DPS and stay for their whole careers. YOU ARE LOVED!" 

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It's because of Ms. Breden that Maya McDaniel and Rachel Norris want to become teachers. 

"I never saw myself as a teacher until I took Ms. Breden's class," said Norris, a senior at South High School.  

McDaniel, also a senior, echos her classmate, and it's why the two of them will be walking out of class and into the picket lines on Monday morning. 

"I see so many people that are my age, or right around my age that say I would be a teacher but they don't get paid anything," said Norris. "And I think that's really disappointing to see DPS losing so many potential educators just because of pay."
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