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Teacher brings the classroom to kids after schools close due to the coronavirus

With school buildings closed, Chris Christoff wanted to make sure his kids have everything they need

DENVER — Since classrooms are closed at the Centennial School in Denver, Chris Christoff is bringing the classroom to his students.

"I'm out here delivering packets of work and kind of some supplies to families that weren't able to make it or didn't feel comfortable coming to school on Friday," Christoff said.

He said he's being careful not to get too close since social distancing is the reason why his building is closed through April 7.

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"I want my kids to have, to make sure they have books, make sure they have stuff to do," Christoff said.

Christoff teaches kindergarten and first grade. Though the learning is important, he said with young kids, he needs to do more.

"It's definitely more about helping them feel comfortable with all the scary society stuff that's going on right now," Christoff said. "So, I'm planning on every day posting a video to my web site, my classroom web site, of me reading a book to them."

Betsy Ambrosino has a daughter in Christoff's class. She said his visit can help ease her child's mind.

"I think that there's a lot to be said for being able to touch base with that important person in your life and make sure that like, oh, everything's still fine on my end," Ambrosino said.

Other districts are turning to remote learning for kids with daily assignments. Christoff said he isn't sure that can work for kids at the youngest grades.

"It can take weeks for them to type a poem," Christoff said.

Ambrosino said if they had to, her kids could do it.

"They can interact over Facetime pretty well," Ambrosino said. "It's not totally foreign to them."

For now, Christoff said he will stick to what the kids know even if he doesn't know how all this will play out.

"I'd rather be in my classroom," Christoff said. "I'd rather be with the kids. So, doing something to help them feels better than just sitting around my house."

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