Melinda Miller is one of 300 teachers from around the nation learning to deliver what they believe every child should have in the classroom -- equality.

"Computer science was something that my principal wanted to offer," Miller said. "I serve predominantly African-American and Hispanic students and it's a great need. Our students don't have a lot of options."

Miller teaches in Dallas. But, she was given a free trip to the Colorado School of Mines to attend CSPd week. Miller can receive professional development in computer sciences from four different organizations all backed by the National Science Foundation.

"We have passionate people all over the United States and the country that really want to do more," Miller said.

Emmanuel Schanzer is the helping to coordinate this first annual event. He says the goal is to create a level playing field for all students through computer science.

"The next thing is computer science jobs and we need to work hard, cause teachers are at the front lines of this thing, to make sure that the 'in' group that gets there is actually everyone," Schanzer said.

Teachers and counselors are receiving training from Counselors for Computing, Exploring Computer Science, Advanced Placement Computer Science Principles, and Bootstrap. Bootstrap is an organization that provides computer curriculum that supports lessons in Algebra.

The NSF, National Center for Women & Information Technology, Computer Science Teachers Association, and Infosys Foundation USA paid the expenses so teachers can receive free plane tickets, hotel, and food to attend the event. The Colorado School of Mines donated the venue for CSPd Week.

"So, by bringing in teachers from everywhere, we believe that we're going to have computer science education truly for everyone," Schanzer said.

Miller believes that is creating equality and opportunity for the students in her classroom.

"I'm not saying they're going to be computer scientists, specialists, but they'll know how to compete and they'll have that avenue," Miller said.