The University of Northern Colorado (UNC) has put a pause on school-sanctioned Greek life activities after dozens of reports of alcohol and drug violations, sexual misconduct and incidents involving physical violence. 

UNC is now asking fraternities and sororities to come up with a safety plan to address the issues.

Since January of 2018, 56 instances of drug or alcohol violations were reported, 13 sexual misconduct allegations were made, and five physical violence reports were filed within fraternities and sororities. The university said another six violations also occurred within fraternities and sororities. 

"We’re talking about student code of conduct violations that run counter to who we are as a university," said UNC spokesperson Nate Haas. "We’re working with fraternities and sororities on a plan they can put in place a culture that’s free of that."

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The university is requiring the groups to create a plan that addresses health and safety at UNC before they’re allowed to have school-sanctioned events again.

"They want the place that they’re going to school for four years to be safe, so I’m all for it," said Logan Reneau, the president of the Inter-Fraternity Council. "With this plan, it really gives us all an opportunity to show not just the university, but really everyone how good the Greek life at UNC can really be."

This suspension of school-sanctioned Greek life activities will go through the end of the spring semester. Next fall, the university will reevaluate how to move forward.

"My Greek life experience has been really positive," said Natalie Crouch, the Panhellenic President at UNC. "I do think it’s a really good thing to reevaluate as a chapter why you joined, what your values are, and on an individual basis and a chapter basis if you’re living up to those values."

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