KUSA — During a week of turmoil in a small Weld County school district, administrators sent an email to parents detailing the many allegations leading to discipline against teachers in the district’s high school, middle school and one elementary school.

Students planned a walkout on Tuesday at Roosevelt High School in the Weld RE-5J School District to protest the district's actions against a P.E. teacher who was accused of mistreating a student.

Students carried posters demanding that the teacher, Noland Eastin, be returned to the high school.

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During the walkout, the school received threats of a school shooting and a possible bomb, which led to an evacuation of Roosevelt. The students continued the walkout, and the district said the students’ actions violated protocol.

Later Tuesday, Superintendent Leslie Arnold and members of the school board sent a letter to parents “to dispel the misinformation” regarding discipline against teachers.

“Our district has experienced and (sic) unprecedented number of serious personnel issues in this first semester brought about by specific actions of some teachers,” the email read in part. “We have been addressing each issue internally while maintaining a level of discretion in the information we share with the community. However, a good deal of misinformation has been circulated, which played a role in events that took place in our district earlier today.”

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The email went on to name five teachers, including Eastin, and provide details about the allegations against those teachers, which led to discipline.

“We fully realize that is is (sic) unprecedented for the district to release details concerning personnel issues; however, due to the impact misinformation has had our educational focus today, we have chose (sic) to release detailed information regarding current outcomes,” the email stated.

Among the allegations against teachers at Roosevelt High School, Milliken Middle School and Milliken Elementary School included:

  • A history of engaging in inappropriate, unprofessional behavior with staff and students
  • Intoxication during the school day while on school property
  • Bringing weapons to school
  • Endangering the safety of a student who had medical restrictions

Two of the teachers named in the email have been terminated following decisions by the board of education.

9NEWS has chosen not to name the teachers or re-publish the email as we continue to reach out to the teachers named and verify the allegations or any possible charges. We have contacted some of the teachers named in the email and will update the story with any additional information or statements.

The superintendent and assistant superintendent have not responded to 9NEWS requests for comment related to the letter sent to families.