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Coloradan among Swift fans suing Ticketmaster

Allegations surrounding Taylor Swift tour tickets include intentional misrepresentation, fraud and several antitrust violations for the "ticket sale disaster."

COLORADO, USA — Two hundred additional people are expected to join a lawsuit taking on Ticketmaster, according to Kinder Law PLLC, the law firm behind the suit. 

The lawsuit stems from the Taylor Swift ticket sales that left thousands of fans upset over the process, including Coloradan Joe Akmakjian. 

"That first day it took me nine hours almost to get into the actual platform to purchase tickets and of course, once I did, they were all gone," he explained. "The next day, when we got in, there were three seats left and they were wheelchair accessible in the whole stadium. If I wasn't in a wheelchair I don't think I would have gotten those tickets." 

Akmakjian knows he is one of the lucky ones. Still, the whole experience left him unhappy. He and 49 others decided to do something about it. 

Akmakjian joined a lawsuit against Ticketmaster. The suit claims a number of allegations including intentional misrepresentation, fraud and several antitrust violations for the "ticket sale disaster."

"I really want people to understand that we're not just sour that people didn't get tickets we knew that was going to be hard either way we just wanted it to be fair," he said. "I don't want this to keep happening every time I want to go to a concert. I don't want to have to take nine hours off of work, just for nothing and I think it's the way it's going if something doesn't change." 

Ticketmaster announced Monday they are giving some fans that didn't get tickets the first time, a second chance at buying them. This is not being offered to just any fan, it's people who received a boost during the presale but did not purchase any tickets. 

Ticketmaster said not all requests will be approved.so there is no guarantee these fans will get tickets. 




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