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Mystery Science Theater 3000 To Have Turkey Day Netflix Season Premiere

Celebrating 30 years since it first debuted on a Minneapolis public access channel, Mystery Science Theater 3000's season 12 premiere will land on Thanksgiving.
Credit: Courtesy of Netflix/ Satellite of Love LLC
Jonah Ray (center) along with his robot pals Crow (left) and Tom Servo (right) in the new season of "Mystery Science Theater 3000."

In the not too distant future, you'll be able to enjoy a new season of Mystery Science Theater 3000 on Netflix!

The AV Club reports the cult favorite TV series will have its season 12 debut on Thanksgiving: Thursday, November 22.

Longtime fans of "MST3K" know Turkey Day holds special meaning: it was on Thanksgiving 1988 that the show first aired on Minnesota public television station KTMA-TV. The show, which follows a human "host" and two wise-cracking robots, features the trio making merciless fun of b-movies.

For a quick sampling, here is current host Jonah Heston (Jonah Ray) and bots Crow T. Robot and Tom Servo taking on Netflix's Stranger Things:

The series would eventually grow to 197 episodes across 10 seasons on Comedy Central and then the Sci-Fi Channel (now SyFy), in addition to a 1996 feature film. After being canceled in 1999, MST3K eventually returned thanks to a 2015 crowd-funding campaign through Kickstarter that raised more than $5.7 million from nearly 50,000 backers.

The 11th season of Mystery Science Theater 3000 is currently available as a 14-episode Netflix original series, and now a six-episode season 12 is all set for this upcoming Turkey Day.

But if you can't wait until November for some new MST3K riffing, you do have a chance to see them perform live! Series creator and original host Joel Hodgson, along with Jonah Ray and of course, the bots, are hitting the road for a 30th Anniversary live tour, beginning in Portland, Maine, on October 9.

They'll make a stop here in Norfolk on Tuesday, October 16, where they will riff the movie The Brain -- described as "a Canadian science fiction suburban nightmare" -- at Harrison Opera House. You can buy tickets on MST3K's website.