Faith Goins-Simmons and her husband Andre are still looking for answers after their 13-month-old son mysteriously died after they thought he had a common cold.

Saturday, they hold a memorial to celebrate his life while helping needy families.

"I didn't want a sad funeral cause that's not what my baby is about," Faith Goins-Simmons said.

One week after moving into a new house in Centennial, Syer Peace Simmons started to cough and showed a slight fever, according to his parents.

"There was nothing that would say he was dying," Faith Goins-Simmons said.

Twenty four hours later, the young toddler died while in his father's arms. They have no idea why.

"That part's the worst," Andre Simmons said. "It was literally here one day, gone the next. Not being sure what happened, why, is the toughest part."

Instead of dwelling in their sadness, they decided to hold a community drive. They gave away Syer's clothes and toys while collecting more to share with needy families.

"It's going to do nothing for us except collect dust," Faith Goins-Simmons said. "So, we just wanted to give it back to the community."

They describe Syer as a bright boy full of life who loved music and went to bed listening to opera.

"This kid was talking at four months, said 'Mama' already at four months; walking at seven months," Faith Goins-Simmons said. "He knew three words in Chinese and two words in German."

The Arapahoe County Sheriff's Department is investigating. Detectives and the family are waiting for the coroner's office to determine the cause of death.

Syer's parents say the toy drive and a lively celebration of life is helping them heal while still waiting for an answer. They do wonder if the move into the new home had anything to do with their son's death.

"It just really floored us to see what type of support, how much love, you know, people have for our son," Andre Simmons said.