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Friends, family honor life & art of Nancy Condit

During the afternoon on July 1, Nancy Condit was riding her bike and was killed by a hit-and-run driver. Condit was a successful local artist and a local gallery held an event in her honor.
Credit: Nelson Garcia
Nancy Condit was killed while her riding her bike in Englewood.

DENVER — Growing up with his artistic Aunt Nancy Condit, Adam Condit says she always looked at life differently.

"She was intrigued by everything," said Adam Condit, her nephew. "I remember Christmas morning. It's like she could've been one of the kids with me and my sister."

Sixty-five-year-old Nancy Condit was killed after she was struck while riding her bike through Englewood on July 1. Police say 33-year-old Dominique Cain hit Condit then fled the scene. Investigators eventually found Cain and she now faces charges of vehicular homicide.

"It was wild, I had seen her the day before," Adam Condit said.

He joins a packed house at the Sand Dollar Art Gallery, Nancy Condit ran the gallery with her father, who was also an artist. Saturday afternoon, Nancy Condit's family hosted an open house at Sand Dollar with her artwork on display.

"This is absolutely a way to celebrate Nancy," said Valerie Davis, Nancy Condit's cousin. "This was so perfect because this was Nancy's life."

She loved pottery and painting. Her niece Traci Carpenter much of her aunt's artwork was inspired by the outdoors.

"She loved being in nature. She loved everything about nature," Carpenter said. "She would notice things and observe things that nobody else would be aware to."

People came from all around the United States to honor Nancy Condit and her artwork. Her cousin, Susan Kelley came from Austin, Texas.

"I think it's a wonderful tribute to how she affected everybody," Kelley said. "What a fun person to know."

If people don't know Nancy Condit's artwork, they will certainly know her father's. William Condit was a famous watercolorist. In 1945, he designed the mountains which are still on the standard Colorado license plates.

One of Nancy Condit's painting is drawing attention. Recently, she finished painting a cyclist with angel wings.

"There's a lot of meaning you can go really deep into it," Carpenter said. "It makes me feel like she's okay and she wants all of us to know that she's okay."

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