GLENWOOD SPRINGS — School can be a tough place for kids especially when they get bullied, but 5th grader Aizek Kemp and his mom are seeing an amazing amount of support after posting about his difficulties with bullies on Facebook.

Aizek’s mom was looking for advice on Facebook and ended up with a viral post and a lot of support for her son.

He wanted to play football at his new school, Glenwood Springs Elementary, but a small group of kids bullied him and wouldn’t let him play. His mom made a plea on Facebook for help.

"It just really made me feel bad," Aizek said.

His mom Stormy Vigil, a single parent, said Aizek was getting bullied at school by kids who teased him about his weight.

"He would ask if he could play and before he could say it they would say we don’t want you to play with us. He was eating alone at lunch," Vigil said.

Aizek didn’t want to come to school anymore, so Vigil asked for help on Facebook post, that within day had hundreds of comments and likes.

Then players from the Glenwood Springs High School Football team heard about it.

"I saw it on Roaring Fork Swap and I sent it to a few of my teammates," said one of the players. "And we said let’s go eat lunch with him."

They got together and headed to the school to have lunch with Aizek and play football with him

The Denver Broncos also heard about it and sent a picture of the Lombardi trophy with the words—"we love you” on it. Former Bronco Mark Copper record a message for Aizek.

All of beyond what Isaac or his mother ever thought would happen

"In over an hour there were 500 likes," Aizek's mom said. "People were pouring in with private messages, hey my kids go through the same thing or I’m 30 years old and this happened to me in school."