WELD COUNTY, Colo. — Public health officials in Weld County are warning about an uptick in cases of sexually transmitted infections (STIs) in recent years. 

Gonorrhea rates in the county have increased by 384 percent in the last four years – going from 27 cases per 100,000 people in 2015 to 129 cases in 2018, a news release from Weld County Department of Public Health and Environment says. 

Chlamydia cases have increased from 367 per 100,000 people in 2015 to 441 cases per 100,000 in 2018, an increase of about 20 percent. Syphilis and HIV rates have remained about the same, the release says.

Department of Public Health and Environment

The Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) adds that STI rates are accelerating in certain groups, particularly among men. STI rates have also increased in older adults, including seniors. 

One possible explanation for the increased STI rates is the availability of dating and "hook-up" apps on social media, along with a shift in social behaviors and attitudes, the release says. 

“Talking about STIs with your partner is a difficult subject, but the conversation clearly needs to happen,” said Mark E. Wallace, executive director of the Weld County Health Department.

Public health officials recommend that sexually active individuals talk openly about STIs, get tested regularly and do their part to reduce risk by using condoms or practicing mutual monogamy.

The Weld County Health Department also conducts testing for STIs. For more tips on STI prevention and treatment, head to this link

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