The Centers for Disease Control (CDC) and public health officials across several states are investigating outbreaks of Salmonella linked to contact with backyard poultry.

A total of 1003 people infected with the outbreak strains have been reported from 49 states, according to the CDC website.

Of 605 people with hospitalization information available, 175 have been hospitalized and two people have died — one from Texas and one from Ohio, the CDC said.

The CDC says evidence shows that contact with backyard poultry, such as chicks and ducklings, from multiple hatcheries are the likely source of the outbreaks.

Those chicks and ducklings have come from several sources, including agricultural stores, websites, and hatcheries.

People can get sick with Salmonella by touching backyard poultry, which can carry the germs, or by coming into contact with places where they live and roam, the CDC said. Poultry can carry the germs while appearing healthy and showing no signs of illness. 

For that reason, owners should always follow steps to stay healthy around these animals.

For tips on how to stay healthy or for more information on the outbreak investigation and symptoms of Salmonella, visit the CDC website here:

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