There are several different types of emergencies, but some of the most common involving knocking out a tooth, cutting your head and, yes, a night out on the town that may or may not have resulted in a bit too much drinking.

Below are five common emergency situations — and some tips on what to do should you face them that might just keep you out of the ER.

Knock out an adult tooth? 

Gently wash off the tooth and put it back in the socket (or put it in milk to store it). See a dentist immediately (within 30 minutes if possible) to see if your dentist can re-implant the tooth.

Scalp laceration? 

You may be a candidate for the hair apposition technique. Wash the wound really well. Then take five strands of hair on each side of the wound and twist them. Interlock the two hair bundles in a 360-degree twist. Put a dab of skin glue on the wound. Continue on down the length of the wound. (Note: This is not for everyone! But, it may be an option for certain types of wounds — and for people/kids who don’t like needles or staples.)

Dirty wound: Should I clean it with sterile water or tap water?

The research shows no difference in infection rates between tap vs. sterile water. The most important things are having a high-water pressure to ensure all the debris is out of the wound.

Dental bleeding that won't stop? 

Black and green tea has tannins in it, which act as a blood vessel constrictor. Moisten it and bite down/compress for 30 minutes on the site of the wound. Call your dentist immediately, especially if you are on blood thinners.

Big night of drinking? 

Sniff some isopropyl alcohol. Research show that it works for mild to moderate nausea. Put some isopropyl alcohol on a gauze and smell it for 5-15 minutes. This may help cure your nausea.

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