Today is something a little out of the ordinary

You might have seen this in your "Explore" feed on Instagram at some point. Some people call it the animal flow. We are going to call it the Corey Rose Flow.

Why do I like this move?

It is challenging. Moving from plank to side positions is not only great for a brain and coordination, it is great for our core and all our stabilizing muscles. It tackles abs, shoulders, and increases heart rate so while you are focusing on what to do, the cardio is increasing!

It teaches us to move to play and to express ourselves in our body.

It reminds us that there isn't a perfect way to do things, that you need to go with the flow and just enjoy.

It is so much fun to do with others. Grab a friend, work your whole body, and get that Corey Rose flow on.

Suggested workout?

10 minutes of:

  • 10 FLOWS total (5 each direction)
  • 15 Air Squats or Pop Ups

Let us know if you try it by tagging @coreyrosetv, @emilyschromm, and @9newsdenver on Instagram!