Arapahoe House, the largest Colorado drug and alcohol treatment provider, closed its doors on Tuesday.

The holidays are probably the hardest part of the year for people dealing with substance abuse, according to Mile High Behavioral Healthcare.

For those helping, the hardest part is just beginning.

"Those struggling through the holidays are finally saying maybe I need to start getting back into treatment" said Julie Bellum, the director of Mile High Behavioral Healthcare.

She says they get a big spike in clientele around January with New Year's resolutions. That's when she thinks we'll see the biggest impact of Arapahoe House closing.

Mile High is taking on some of the folks left in the dark after the closure of Arapahoe House. They're at capacity right now but she says they'll never turn anyone away.

"We actually are buying the Aspen Center for women and dependent children" Bellum said. "We're taking them under our wing."

They're taking over the staff and clients left at the Aspen Center which was run by the Arapahoe House.

"It's still very fuzzy with a quick turn around," she said, "so we're trying to pull services as best as we can."

Robert Werthewein is in charge of substance abuse programs for the state of Colorado. He says the closing of Arapahoe House has been jarring.

He's grateful for organizations like Mile High Behavioral Healthcare for helping ease the stress on folks who were going to Arapahoe House for help.

The state says more than 66,000 people were admitted to substance abuse treatment facilities in 2016. Arapahoe House told us they took in around 5,000 a year.