The total number of confirmed cases in the Burrito Delight Salmonella investigation in Weld County is up to an even dozen as of Friday afternoon, health officials confirmed.

The outbreak was first reported to investigators after two catered events at a local hospital sickened eight people. All cases confirmed so far have been linked to food eaten from Burrito Delight at an outside event and one of its locations.

The restaurant's owners have voluntarily closed both of their restaurants as Weld County health officials continue their investigation. The public is not at risk, the health department says.

Of the confirmed cases, six happened at two different catered events at Aims Community College on Feb. 9 and 13. Four happened at the restaurant's Fort Lupton location. Two others happened at a private business that had Burrito Delight cater.

The Feb. 9 Aims event was attended by about 70 people and the second event was attended by about 400. No information is available at this time regarding the other business event Burrito Delight catered. Aims says both of those events were for employee training.

Of the 12 confirmed Salmonella cases, seven people live in Weld County, two in Larimer, and one in Boulder County.

Officials are investigating several unconfirmed cases. The investigation is ongoing as officials continue to identify other sources of the illness.

On Thursday morning officials inspected the kitchens of both locations and found violations. Officials will not know if the violations are connected to the incident until the investigation is over.

Burrito Delight can reopen under four conditions:

  • The facility must be disinfected.
  • Staff must test negative for Salmonella - if not the restaurant must recruit new staff.
  • Food must be replaced or eligible to be released from embargo.
  • Reopening inspection must be in compliance with Colorado regulation.

Linking Salmonella to a source can take 2 to 4 weeks. Officials are looking at individuals who may have been exposed.

Salmonella symptoms typically appear 6 to 72 hours after eating contaminated food and typically last for 4 to 7 days without treatment.

The Weld County Health Department recommends anyone who may be ill to contact the 24/7 Health Hotline at 970-400-4457.