At the St. Anthony Summit Medical Center in Summit County, Chief Medical Officer, Dr. Marshall Denkinger and the staff have just opened a brand new 5,000 square foot addition to the hospital.

There are 10 exam rooms for rotating physicians from Denver along with an Infusion Center for chemotherapy and other chronic illnesses.

"Cancer patients who need Chemotherapy, patients with chronic illnesses that need regular IV medications," Denkinger said.

In the past, that would have meant sending people onto Interstate 70 and the Front Range for therapy, sometimes several times a week.

"In many cases, people had to travel to Denver and this kind of treatment can take a significant physically and emotional toll," Denkinger said.

St. Anthony Summit Medical Center 
St. Anthony Summit Medical Center 

Now, patients in the mountains can heal closer to home.

The facility and all the equipment came in around 1.5 million, but more than $700,000 of that has been raised by the Summit County Community.

"We all band together and do what it takes. Half that support came from the community and the health foundation with fundraisers and individual contributions and the other half from Centura Health," Denkinger said.

Located in the heart of Summit County, the mountain views from the hospital windows are expected to nourish souls while physicians like Doctor Denkinger work on healing bodies.

“A peaceful, beautiful setting while you undergo something that may otherwise be a trial for you is really a benefit," Denkinger said.

The view at St. Anthony Summit Medical Center 
The view at St. Anthony Summit Medical Center