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Own your health with screenings from 9Health

The pandemic forced the cancellation of the 9Health Fairs but you can now get all the screenings you'd normally get, plus antibody testing, at Quest Diagnostics.

DENVER — For more than 40 years, 9NEWS and 9Health have maintained a partnership focused on keeping Colorado healthy through preventive care and health awareness. Through continued collaboration with Quest Diagnostics, 9Health will offer COVID-19 antibody testing and preventive health screenings at Quest Diagnostics Patient Service Centers throughout Colorado.

According to 9Health, this is an opportunity for Coloradans to not only understand their risk but to learn how they can protect loved ones and their community.

“With the help of our long-time partner Quest Diagnostics, we are able to help Coloradoans find the answers they need, in relation to COVID-19 antibody testing and important preventive health screenings,” said Gary Drews, 9Health president and CEO. “During this health pandemic, we will continue to provide resources to our communities to help keep all Coloradans healthy.”

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Antibody testing uses blood serum specimens and is sometimes referred to as serology testing. It can aid in detecting if an individual has been previously infected with the virus that causes COVID-19. 

According to the U.S. Food and Drug Administration, although we do not yet know whether the development of antibodies provides protection from re-infection, or how long such protection lasts. COVID-19 antibody testing may indicate whether "the person has been exposed to the virus and developed antibodies against it, which may mean that person has at least some immunity to the coronavirus."

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Through the screenings from 9Health, find out if you have developed COVID-19 antibodies, how to prevent spreading COVID-19, and what your personal risk factors are. 

You can use the same blood draw for all the screenings you select. This quick and easy blood collection takes only 15 minutes and you will receive results in your 9Health personalized online results dashboard within 2 weeks.

>> Click/tap here to for more about all the screenings 9Health is offering and learn about special pricing available.

9Health is a 501c-3 community nonprofit empowering people to put health in their own hands by providing tools such as preventive health screenings, evidence-based, objective health education and eTools and resources for every day in your health journey.