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There are still 741 active COVID-19 outbreaks in Colorado

The number of active COVID-19 outbreaks in Colorado continues to decline, but 741 are still listed as active.

DENVER — There are 88 fewer active COVID-19 outbreaks in the state than a week ago, according to the largest data from the Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment (CDPHE). 

As of the list distributed Wednesday, there were 741 active COVID-19 outbreaks in Colorado, and 3,113 that are categorized as resolved. Last week, 829 outbreaks were listed as active, down from 895 the week before. 

This happens as COVID-19 cases and hospitalizations in Colorado continue to decline after a winter peak, and the state works to vaccinate healthcare workers, teachers and people over 65. 

Some of the largest outbreaks added to this week's list were at a church in Larimer County where four staff members and 16 attendees have tested positive for COVID-19, as well as a dance studio in El Paso County, where eight staff members and 25 attendees have tested positive for the virus. 

> Watch the video above for a look at why positive COVID-19 cases can still happen among those who have received the vaccine. 

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Three relatively small outbreaks were reported at healthcare facilities in the past week, according to the data. Four school outbreaks were reported since last week. 

Two cases of the novel coronavirus constitute an outbreak, and the numbers are cumulative, meaning if an entity has a certain number of cases, that doesn't mean all those people were sick at once.

For an outbreak to be resolved, CDPHE said 28 days must pass with no new illnesses.

Keep reading for a look at some of the COVID-19 outbreaks in Colorado by category. Click here for all of CDPHE's data, and check out the interactive map below for outbreaks by location. 

Youth sports

There are 12 active COVID-19 outbreaks related to youth sports in Colorado, according to CDPHE's data. This has resulted in 32 cases among staff and 133 among attendees. 

See the full list of youth sports outbreaks below. 

Places of worship 

Twenty two active COVID-19 outbreaks are associated with religious facilities in Colorado, according to CDPHE's data. These outbreaks have resulted in 349 total cases -- 153 of which are attributed to an outbreak at Andrew Wommack Ministries in Teller County that has been listed as active since July. 

See the full list of active religious facility outbreaks below. 

Outdoor recreation 

There are 13 active COVID-19 outbreaks associated with ski resorts and other outdoor recreation businesses in Colorado. 

The largest by far is among employees at Winter Park, where 154 employees have tested positive for the disease caused by the novel coronavirus, according to the data. 

Other outbreaks have been reported at Vail, Beaver Creek, Steamboat, Copper, Monarch Mountain and Keystone. 

See the full list below. 


There are 137 active COVID-19 outbreaks associated with K-12 schools in Colorado, according to the data. 

These have led to 278 cases among staff members and 1,220 among students. 

No deaths are attributed to the active school outbreaks. 

Teachers were eligible to begin receiving the COVID-19 vaccine earlier this month. 

See the full list of K-12 outbreaks below. 

Much larger outbreaks have been reported at colleges and universities. 

Nineteen are listed as active, and there are 333 COVID-19 cases among staff at these institutions and 6,444 among students, according to the data. 

See the full list of college and university outbreaks below. 


There are 293 cases of COVID-19 tied to 30 active restaurant outbreaks in Colorado, according to CDPHE. 

Of those cases, 178 are linked to the In-N-Out burger locations in Aurora and Colorado Springs. 

Seven of the total restaurant COVID-19 cases associated with active outbreaks are linked to attendees. 

See the full list of restaurant outbreaks below. 

Grocery stores

There are 22 active COVID-19 outbreaks tied to grocery stores in Colorado, according to CDPHE's data. 

A total of 361 employee cases of COVID-19 are tied to these outbreaks. Grocery store employees are among the essential workers next in line for the COVID-19 vaccine. 

No attendee cases have been linked to these outbreaks. 

See the full list of grocery store outbreaks below. 



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