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Active COVID-19 outbreaks at Colorado grocery stores, schools and more

There are 735 COVID-19 outbreaks that are listed as active in Colorado as of Nov. 11.

COLORADO, USA — COVID-19 outbreak data released Wednesday by the Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment (CDPHE) shows 735 active outbreaks across the state including the following lab-confirmed positive cases:

  • University of Colorado Boulder: 1,723 cumulative student cases; 43 cumulative staff cases
  • El Paso County Criminal Justice Center: 847 cumulative resident cases; 61 cumulative staff cases

See the full outbreaks list here. 

For an outbreak to be resolved, CDPHE said 28 days must pass with no new illnesses. 

Keep reading for a look at novel coronavirus outbreaks in Colorado by category. Below is a map with the locations of all of the outbreaks in the state:

Grocery stores

There are 20 outbreaks in grocery stores and food packing plants in Colorado, including 16 staff cases at Costco store No. 440 in Jefferson County and 140 staff cases at Steven Roberts Original Desserts in Adams County. 

See the full list below. 


There are 138 outbreaks in schools across Colorado, including colleges and universities. 

The majority of the outbreaks in K-12 schools have less than 10 cases except for the following: 

  • Cheyenne Mountain High School: 16 cumulative student cases; 1 staff case
  • Fossil Ridge High Schools: 15 cumulative student cases
  • Manitou Springs High Schools: 10 cumulative students cases; 2 cumulative staff cases
  • Southeast Elementary School in Adams County: 11 cumulative student cases; 3 cumulative staff cases

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Outbreaks in colleges and universities have substantially more cases: 

  • Colorado State University: 668 cumulative student cases
  • University of Colorado Boulder: 43 cumulative staff cases; 1,723 cumulative student cases
  • University of Denver: 29 cumulative staff cases; 396 cumulative student cases

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See the full list below.  


There are 59 outbreaks listed for restaurants including sit-down and fast-food eateries. 

The largest outbreak is at Loungin' Lizard in Montezuma County with 12 cumulative staff cases.

Other significant outbreaks include: 

  • Aunt Alice's Kiten in Boulder County: 10 cumulative staff cases
  • Sunset Inn Bar & Grill Inc in Pueblo County: 10 cumulative staff cases
  • Cherry Creek Grill in Denver: 8 cumulative staff cases
  • Dillon Dam Brewery in Summit County: 8 cumulative staff cases

See the full list below. 


There are 32 outbreaks in correctional facilities in Colorado. The largest outbreak is at the El Paso County Criminal Justice Center with 847 resident cases and 61 staff cases.

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Other outbreaks with a significant amount of cases are:

  • Fremont Correctional Facility: 639 cumulative inmate cases; 60 cumulative staff cases
  • Sterling Correctional Facility: 620 cumulative inmate cases; 89 cumulative staff cases
  • Aurora ICE processing center: 100 cumulative resident cases; 20 cumulative staff cases

See the full list below.

Social functions

Eleven outbreaks are listed as social gatherings, but little information is given as to the details of the gatherings. Those gatherings include: 

  • 9 attendees at a Sun Logic company trip
  • 8 attendees at a social gathering with high school students in Summit County

>> See the full list of all outbreaks here

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