ASPEN, Colo. — When Anna Binkley packed her bags for Italy in February, her intention was to cook, write and paint solo for roughly three months as a creative retreat of sorts before returning home to Aspen.

She wasn’t scared of traveling alone. The 70-year-old values her independence, yet at the same time promised her family she’d be cautious about putting herself in potentially dangerous situations.

But Binkley had no idea that shortly after she’d arrive in Italy, it would quickly become one of the world’s hotspots for the novel coronavirus and the COVID-19 disease associated with it.

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“When I left, as far as I know, the world had no knowledge that there was any problem in Italy and I had no real reason to anticipate that Italy would become an epicenter for this virus,” Binkley said.

On Monday morning, the start of her 10th day in self-quarantine at her home in Aspen, Binkley went over the coronavirus timeline she witnessed while in Italy.

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