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Active coronavirus outbreaks at Colorado big box retailers, grocery stores and more

Colorado has 1,294 active COVID-19 outbreaks and 1,233 that are listed as resolved.

DENVER — Colorado has added more than 30 active COVID-19 outbreaks since last week, according to the latest data from the Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment (CDPHE). 

This is a slower rate of increase over last week, and an additional 185 outbreaks are now listed as resolved. As it stands, there are 1,294 active COVID-19 outbreaks in Colorado as of this writing, and 1,233 are listed as resolved. 

These have occurred everywhere from grocery stores to restaurants to offices to prisons, which have seen a big increase in cases in recent weeks. 

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COVID-19 hospitalizations, positivity and cases have surged in Colorado in recent weeks, prompting new restrictions in many counties -- including the closure of indoor dining at restaurants.

Two cases of the novel coronavirus constitute an outbreak, and the numbers are cumulative, meaning if an entity has a certain number of cases, that doesn't mean all those people were sick at once.

For an outbreak to be resolved, CDPHE said 28 days must pass with no new illnesses.

Keep reading for a look at COVID-19 outbreaks in Colorado by category. 

>>> Click here for the full outbreak list from the CDPHE. 

INTERACTIVE MAP: Check out the map below to look at outbreaks by location.

Prisons and jails

There are 5,103 COVID-19 cases among inmates at Colorado state prisons and 494 among staff, according to the data from CDPHE.

This comes as state officials weigh how to prioritize inmates when it comes to distributing the COVID-19 vaccine. 

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The virus is also present in Colorado's jails, where 2,003 inmates have tested positive for COVID-19. More than half of those cases are at the El Paso County jail. 

See a full list of outbreaks at prisons and jails below. 

Social gatherings 

Health officials have blamed social gatherings for a recent influx in COVID-19 cases across the state, prompting warnings to avoid interactions with people outside your household. 

According to the outbreak data, there are 59 positive cases of COVID-19 among 10 active outbreaks associated with social gatherings across the state. 

One of those gatherings is listed in the data as a private flight. Others are just referred to as "social gatherings" with no additional details. 


There are 478 COVID-19 cases associated with 68 active outbreaks at retailers across the state. 

These include two Costco locations, seven Targets, 11 Home Depots and 11 Walmarts. 

See the full list of retailers with active COVID-19 outbreaks below. 

Grocery stores 

There are active COVID-19 outbreaks at 33 grocery stores across the state, which has resulted in 302 cases among staff and none that have been confirmed among attendees, according to CDPHE's data.

Among the chains associated with the outbreaks at four City Market stores, three Costcos, 10 King Soopers, four Trader Joe's, two Walmarts and six Whole Foods locations. 

See the full list of grocery store outbreaks below. 


There are 69 active COVID-19 outbreaks associated with restaurants in Colorado. 

This comes after multiple counties shut down indoor dining due to a surge in COVID-19 hospitalizations and positivity across the state, leaving these businesses relying on outdoor seating and takeout.

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 See a full list of restaurant outbreaks below. 


There are 532 cases of COVID-19 among staff at schools with active outbreaks and 5,204 among students, according to the data. 

It's worth mentioning that more than 4,000 of the student cases are from the three largest outbreaks at CU Boulder, CSU in Fort Collins and the University of Denver. 

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An influx in cases of COVID-19 has prompted many districts across the state as well as universities to switch to online learning. 

There are no deaths associated with school outbreaks as of this writing, according to the data. 

See the full list of school outbreaks below.

>>> Click here for the full outbreak list from the CDPHE.