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Colorado schools prepare for possible coronavirus outbreak

Several Colorado school districts have sent letters to parents outlining plans in case COVID-19 strikes.

BOULDER, Colo. — Though coronavirus is not in Colorado, districts from Boulder to Jefferson County to Denver have been telling parents about their plans and ways to stay safe.

Across the country, some say talk of COVID-19 is overblown. Boulder Valley's Director of Health Services Stephanie Faren said she doesn't think so.

"I think it's important that we prepare for the worst-case scenario," Faren said.

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She said Boulder Valley Schools are already taking action by regularly disinfecting schools.

"We have a pandemic plan that has been in place since H1N1 and that plan has been reviewed and updated to include any new guidance that comes out around coronavirus," Faren said.

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At Eisenhower Elementary School, the man on the front line of a coronavirus outbreak would be Bobby Alvarado.

"It does concern me," Alvarado said. "We just have to combat it the best way we can and with the best resources we could possibly get."

He is the head custodian at Eisenhower and said he is used to dealing with sickness that needs to be cleaned.

"I think we've prevented a lot of kids from getting the flu," Alvarado said.

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Alvarado said he uses anti-bacterial cleaners on all common surfaces from doors to bathrooms to walls and everything in between.

"Soap dispensers, even those are, they seem to be clean," Alvarado said. "But, they carry a lot of germs and I've seen them very, very dirty."

Faren said the district is equipped to handle a range of things from influenza to norovirus.

"The cleaning and disinfecting protocols that we have in place we know cover coronavirus," Faren said.

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She wants parents to feel confident that Boulder Valley Schools can handle any situation.

"They need to know that we are on top of everything -- that we're communicating," Faren said.

If coronavirus ever came to Eisenhower Elementary, Alvarado said he is ready to scrub away the danger.

"That's a big responsibility," Alvarado said. "You know, you grow really close to these kids and you know you'll protect them from anything."


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