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Here are the current active coronavirus outbreaks in Colorado

Colorado has 1,312 active COVID-19 outbreaks and 1,424 that are listed as resolved.

DENVER — Colorado has added about 18 active COVID-19 outbreaks to its current total since last week, according to the latest data from the Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment (CDPHE). 

This is a slower rate of increase over last week, and an additional 191 outbreaks are now listed as resolved. As it stands, there are 1,312 active COVID-19 outbreaks in Colorado as of this writing, and 1,424 are listed as resolved. 

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Two cases of the novel coronavirus constitute an outbreak, and the numbers are cumulative, meaning if an entity has a certain number of cases, that doesn't mean all those people were sick at once.

For an outbreak to be resolved, CDPHE said 28 days must pass with no new illnesses.

Keep reading for a look at COVID-19 outbreaks in Colorado by category. 

>>> Click here for the full outbreak list from the CDPHE. 

INTERACTIVE MAP: Check out the map below to look at outbreaks by location.

Grocery stores

There are 36 active outbreaks in Colorado grocery stores, according to CDPHE data. 

A Costco in El Paso County has the highest number of cumulative cases with 33 confirmed staff cases.

See the full list below.


Data shows 65 active outbreaks in restaurants and bars in the state – a majority of those are in sit-down eateries.

Most of those outbreaks have cases in the single digits. 

MolsonCoors Golden Brewery, however, has 15 COVID-19 cases among staff and Bubba's 33 in El Paso County has 21 confirmed cases as well as six probably cases. 

See the full list below.

Retails and big-box stores

Eighty-two active outbreaks have been reported in retailers and big-box stores in Colorado – some of these stores, such as Costco, are listed under grocery and retail and overlap.

The largest outbreaks in this category are:

  • Costco Wholesale #1030 in El Paso County: 27 confirmed staff cases
  • Costco Wholesale #676 in Jefferson County: 21 confirmed staff cases; 4 probable
  • Walmart #1200 in El Paso County: 21 confirmed staff cases, 1 probable
  • American Furniture Warehouse #62 in Douglas County: 25 confirmed staff cases; 33 probable
  • American Furniture Warehouse #32 in Adams County: 18 confirmed staff cases; 35 probable cases
  • The Home Depot #1511 in Pueblo: 18 confirmed staff cases
  • Target in Glendale: 17 confirmed staff cases
  • Sheels in Larimer County: 17 confirmed staff cases; 6 probable

See the full list below.

Outdoor recreation

Nine outdoor recreation areas, such as ski resorts, have active outbreaks in Colorado. 

See the full list below.


CDHPE data shows 210 active outbreaks in Colorado universities, K-12 schools and school administration offices. 

  • Boltz Middle School in Larimer County: 10 cases among students; 4 probable student cases
  • Fort Collins High Schools: 22 student cases; 8 probable students cases; 1 staff case
  • Fossil Ridge High School: 30 student cases; 2 probable student cases; 5 staff cases
  • Rocky Mountain High Schools: 24 student cases; 1 probable student case; 5 staff cases; 2 probable staff cases

See the full list below.

>>> Click here for the full outbreak list from the CDPHE.