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Colorado restaurants, grocery stores, camps and more with active coronavirus outbreaks

Only two Colorado grocery stores still have active COVID-19 outbreaks, along with 28 restaurants.

DENVER — As of Wednesday, there have been 502 confirmed outbreaks of the novel coronavirus in businesses, nursing homes, prisons, homeless shelters and more across the state since the COVID-19 pandemic began in early March.

According to the latest data from the Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment (CDPHE), 179 of them are still considered active. If an outbreak is considered resolved, CDPHE said that means that “28 days have passed with no new illness.”

New additions on the outbreak list this week include a church in El Paso County, Royal Gorge Rafting & Zipline Tours in Fremont, a Dick’s Sporting Goods in Arapahoe County, and the Denver Reception and Diagnostic Center, which reported its second outbreak.

So far, nursing homes have accounted for the deadliest COVID-19 outbreaks in Colorado. The JBS meatpacking plant is the largest among staff, with 289 confirmed, cumulative cases of the novel coronavirus among staff and six deaths.

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> Click here for all of CDPHE's outbreak data.  

Grocery stores 

Just two COVID-19 outbreaks at grocery stores are still considered active as of Wednesday. There have been 16 outbreaks at grocery stores across the state since the pandemic began.

Here are the two outbreaks that are still considered active:

Carniceria Leonela 

3736 E. Pikes Peak Ave., Colorado Springs

Confirmed COVID-19 cases: 6

King Soopers #114 

15051 E. 104TH Ave., Commerce City 

Confirmed COVID-19 cases among staff: 7 

Probable COVID-19 cases among staff: 22 

Camps, colleges and more 

As districts begin to finalize their back-to-school plans, CDPHE data confirms there have been outbreaks at some camps. 

The largest is at the Colorado Academy Summer Camps, where CDPHE said 24 attendees have tested positive for COVID-19 since the pandemic began, as well as three staff members. The camps did not add any cases from last week. 

Three staff members for eastern Colorado's Fleming football team have tested positive for COVID-19, according to the data. 

Meanwhile, at the Eagle Lake Overnight Camp in El Paso County, CDPHE said 13 staff members have tested positive for COVID-19 and 11 others have suspected cases. 

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Eight members of the Colorado State University athletics program have tested positive for COVID-19 since the pandemic began, the data says, and nine others have had suspected cases. 

Seven residents at CSU's Kappa Sigma fraternity also have confirmed, cumulative cases of the novel coronavirus.

At least 100 confirmed, cumulative COVID-19 cases among staff and attendees are tied to 15 youth outbreaks at places like a family Bible conference, child care centers, camps and youth sports.


According to CDPHE, there are 28 active outbreaks of COVID-19 in restaurants across Colorado. 

The document below shows the restaurants, the county they're in and the COVID-19 cases among staff. 


There have been four confirmed COVID-19 outbreaks at Colorado churches, according to CDPHE data, and one at the Andrew Wommack Ministries Summer Family Bible Conference. 

According to the data, 12 staff members at that conference tested positive for the novel coronavirus, as well as six attendees. 

Other listed church outbreaks are: 

  • Calvary Worship Center in El Paso County, where two staffers tested positive for COVID-19 along with five attendees. 
  • Iglesia de Dios Pentecostal in Garfield County, where eight attendees tested positive for COVID-19 and six have probable cases. 
  • Springs Journey Church in El Paso County, where four staff members tested positive. 
  • The Heights Church in Denver, where two staff members tested positive for COVID-19. 

Jails and Prisons 

More than 1,300 inmates have had confirmed, cumulative cases of COVID-19 in the 16 active outbreaks at jails, prisons and other detention facilities across the state. 

The Sterling Correctional Facility is still listed as the the state's largest outbreak, with 564 confirmed, cumulative cases. The Van Cise-Simonet Detention Center has had 197 confirmed cases, up two from last week. The facility also added 18 probable cases to have 273 probable cases. That makes it the second-largest outbreak in the state. Buena Vista Correctional Complex, the third-worst outbreak, added 10 confirmed cases to have 189 confirmed, cumulative cases.

Homeless shelters

Outbreaks among the homeless population in the state added four new confirmed cases from last week. They were all focused in the “People Experiencing Homelessness (Denver)” outbreak, which CDPHE said in an email is a catch-all for all outbreaks within the Denver homeless population as they engage with services.

One-hundred forty-seven residents and 34 staff members have had confirmed cases of COVID-19 tied to homeless population in the state.

Credit: 9Wants to Know

Nursing homes and other facilities 

This week, there were 103 new, confirmed COVID-19 cases in a Colorado healthcare outbreak. That’s down from last week’s total of 134 new cases.

Fifteen more people died in these facilities with a confirmed case of COVID-19. Last week, nine people died and eight died the week before that.

In healthcare outbreaks, there have been 4,802 cumulative, confirmed cases since the COVID-19 pandemic began. That means that at least 9.8% of Colorado’s overall novel coronavirus cases have happened in healthcare outbreaks.

There have been 822 confirmed COVID-19 deaths in healthcare outbreaks across the state. That means at least 44.4% of the state’s total novel coronavirus deaths have happened in these facilities.

Places with the most resident cases

Places with the most staff cases