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COVID-19 is creating some Halloween scarcities

Retail stores report staff and supply shortages this fall

ST. LOUIS — Halloween is just a few weeks away. As a result, the search for the perfect costume is in full swing. But like many things in life these days, COVID is taking its toll.

Enter Johnnie Brock’s Dungeon - if you dare - into a Halloween world of wonder.

Halloween shopper Trevaun Jones said, “My favorite costume is Ghostface. I like Michael Myers, I like Freddie.”

Stephanie Burger found a costume for The Grinch.

“My husband and I are wanting to do something for our grandchildren,” said Burger. They are ages six to one-and-a-half.”

Store manager Jacob Sigmund says suppliers have provided maybe 80 percent of the merchandise they ordered.

“They keep telling us their warehouses are stuffed, they don’t have drivers to get it places,” said Sigmund. “Or their warehouses are empty and they haven’t gotten anything, either.”

Enzo Bruno, a 10-year-old, was shopping with his mother. When asked what he was searching for, he responded, "A Grim Reaper costume." He hadn't had any luck yet.

Nikki Bullock was shopping with her daughter.

“We are on a mission to find a werewolf,” said Bullock. “So, we’re getting all the things to go with her costume.”

Marlo Quillin located the Conehead costume, from a 1970’s Saturday Night Live skit made famous by actor Dan Aykroyd.

“We found a Conehead!” she said, laughing. It was a rubber-plastic skull cap.

“It’s for a couple parties,” she said.

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Sigmund says COVID or something has also affected staffing this Halloween season.

“I’m working longer hours and a lot of managers working longer hours,” he said, “and we have some amazing employees who have stepped up.”

Megan Collins located the skeletons that no doubt will end up in her family’s closet.

“A few places have them,” Collins said, “but a lot of them have electronics attached to them, so if you’re going to do something special, like ‘corpse’ them, where you melt the plastic on them, that’s not really safe.”

Collins was not a first-timer, as it was obvious she has done it before. “We are the crazy Halloween house in our neighborhood,” she said.

Sigmund said popular costumes this year include Harley Quinn from Suicide Squad, The Falcon and the Winter Soldier, and Black Widow.


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