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How stress pooping could make the toilet paper shortage worse — and more psychology pro-tips from Dr. Max

9NEWS Psychologist Dr. Max recorded some humorous videos to help with your mental health during the coronavirus pandemic.

DENVER — 9NEWS Psychologist Dr. Max Wachtel is a very calming presence. That's probably why he does what he does for a living.

And in a time of panic-buying, uncertainly, fear and discomfort, he recorded some short videos (while practicing social distancing) to help explain how to cope in the best way possible. 

One big piece of advice from Dr. Max? Remember to breathe. Seriously: Stress might make you feel panicked, but taking five deep breaths will help you put your mind at ease. 

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You might have seen all the pictures of empty toilet paper shelves. Now's the time to mention that seriously people, panic-buying isn't going to help anyone. 

And the act of panicking itself won't help with the perceived toilet paper shortage either. Seriously. Dr. Max said stress messes with the adrenal system, and long story short, it makes you poop. 

So relax, Colorado: It'll help you conserve toilet paper. Watch Dr. Max explain further in the video below. 

The biggest theme of Dr. Max's videos? It's a scary time. That doesn't mean to stop being kind to the people around you, and most importantly, keep your sense of humor. 

Donate blood if you can, check on your neighbors, make sure your friends and family are doing well. 

And perhaps most importantly, keep asking the tough questions. Dr. Max has a really, really perplexing one below. 

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