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Family mourns young mother who died from stroke months after beating COVID-19

Madeline Taylor was a healthy, happy 21-year-old mother. After beating COVID-19, she fully recovered. Only to die months later of a stroke, believed caused by COVID.

ATLANTA — As the COVID-19 pandemic continues, medical experts are slowly learning more about the virus’ long-term impacts. Several recent medical publications have identified a possible link between coronavirus and blood clots leading to stroke, even in younger patients.

Madeline Taylor was a healthy, happy 21-year-old mother. She moved to Atlanta, Georgia to pursue her dream of becoming a make-up artist.

“She's was just fun, just so full of joy and life and a very infectious laugh," said Kim Hicks, Madeline’s aunt.

Madeline was also the mother of a baby girl, Weslyn.

“I mean, oh my gosh she loved that baby,” Hicks said. “She was an amazing mom, amazing mom.”

Madeline was diagnosed with COVID-19 in March. According to her aunt, she fully recovered.

“She was sick for about a week and just throwing up and no energy, but young and strong, she pulled through,” Hicks said.

Four months later, Madeline started feeling sick again.

"She was 21, healthy. She just thought she had the flu or a virus or something," Hicks explained.

However, Madeline wasn’t getting better. Twenty minutes before Hicks could reach her niece in the hospital, Madeline’s friend called to let her know she didn’t make it. Madeline had died from a stroke.

Doctors told her family they believed it was COVID-19-related and wanted to perform a full autopsy.

“They said that it could have been a blood clot from having COVID, and that they were seeing a lot of blood clots with COVID,” Hicks said.

Madeline’s family are still awaiting the autopsy results, hoping their heartbreak resonates with anyone who hears her story.

“We don't know enough about the virus,” Hicks said. “You don't know what it's going to do to you. We don't know.”

There is a need for more research, more answers, and fewer good-byes like this.

“Love one another and enjoy, you know, don't waste a second," Hicks advised.
"Let everybody know - your loved ones know - you love them because you don't know if you’ll get to tell them again. It's just so hard to believe I won't get to tell her that again."

Madeline was laid to rest last week next to her father, Lance Taylor.

Her family set up a GoFundMe to help Madeline's young daughter.