DENVER — Denver International Airport officials are just beginning to see a drop in passengers due to COVID-19. But Emily Williams, a spokeswoman with DIA, said the airport is preparing to see much larger drops soon. 

“We expect to see dramatic reductions in both air service and traffic levels this coming week,” Williams said in an email. 

While DIA did not have its official data for February ready yet (Williams said it typically takes about a month for those numbers to be officially verified), the airport has already seen a decrease in passengers going through its TSA checkpoints. 

Based on this data, DIA saw 9.5% fewer passengers go through its TSA checkpoints between March 1 and March 7 and then saw another drop of nearly 14.4% between March 8 and March 14.

“The data is not exact as the TSA uses a number of estimating factors in compiling its totals,” Williams explained. “This is only people going through a checkpoint, originating their trip here (this is generally about 65% of our passengers) and does not include those connecting passengers.” 

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