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Family creates forum to remember those who died from COVID-19

Sam Shoflick and her mother created Covituary.org to memorialize lost loved ones across the world.

GREENWOOD VILLAGE, Colo. — Every COVID-19 victim has a story and Sam Shoflick wants to share those stories in a place called Covituary.org.

"In the news, I think you just see the numbers, but then you actually look at the website, you see someone and you see all of their life story and their accomplishments," Shoflick said.

She is a senior at Cherry Creek High School and felt the need to do something during the pandemic. So, she created The Covituary with her mom.

"We just feel for these people so much. I mean it's horrible," Megan Shoflick said.

They want to give people a forum to mourn especially since so many families cannot even hold proper funerals due to pandemic restrictions.

"We really hope that anyone that has lost someone, even if they've already posted an obituary, will go to our site Covituary,org and post a memorial page and honor their loved ones," Megan Shoflick said.

The site is free to use and available to anyone. It can even be translated into different languages.

"Obviously, COVID is something that's touching people around not just the United States, but the whole world," Sam said.

It's a world that Megan Shoflick believes can be tied together on a web page.

"As rewarding as it's been for us to work on it, it also is just super hard to hear these stories and really learn about the lives lost," Megan Shoflick said.

Sam Shoflick and her mother monitor the posts and comments to make sure they are proper and legitimate. The site is supported through donations. If you want to find out more, visit Covituary.org.

"We hope that we can get as many people as possible to post so that they can be remembered properly," Sam Shoflick said.

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