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Group protests vaccine mandates outside governor's Boulder residence

'No Vax Mandates Colorado' does not want vaccine mandates required in schools. That is not a mandate in the state. But they're protesting to keep it that way.

BOULDER, Colo. — A group of truckers protesting vaccine mandates in Canada are now getting international attention and inspiring similar protests globally – and in Colorado.

People gathered here in Colorado to protest pandemic-related mandates outside the Governor’s Boulder home.

Boulder County is the only Colorado county with a mask mandate still in place for all indoor public spaces. If they drop into the "moderate" or "low" transmission for 21 consecutive days, the mask mandate will automatically be rescinded.

“Thank you again for being here today. We’ve got some great chants and some great chanters so join them throughout the March,” said Caorlyn Bninski, organizer.

A snowy Saturday in Boulder couldn’t keep dozens with 'No Vax Mandates Colorado' from making their voices heard outside the condo of Democratic Governor Jared Polis.

“Today is about protesting the remaining mandates before they continue on down the slippery slope and grow into something even bigger than they are,” said Robbie Rose, demonstrator  

The group doesn’t want the state to require vaccines for schools, which is not currently a mandate in the state of Colorado. However, some individual employers have required workers to get the vaccine.

“I think our group would definitely be in favor of employers dropping mandates. Again, this is about pro-choice,” said Laura Lasater, organizer.  

President Biden tried to require companies with more than 100 employees to mandate vaccines or regular testing. But the supreme court blocked that rule in January.

The court said a separate federal mandate requiring 20 million healthcare workers to be vaccinated can be enforced.

According to CDPHE, 68% of Coloradans have been vaccinated. However, some remain unsure or uninterested. And very much opposed to any sort of mandate like those protesting Saturday.

The CDC recommends vaccinations for kids over the age of 5. This week, Pfizer postponed its application for its vaccine for children under 4.
Pfizer says they're waiting for data from its three-dose regimen to see if it will provide more protection than two doses. Data on the third dose is expected to come back in April.

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