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Here are the mask policies of Colorado grocery stores

There have been 19 outbreaks of COVID-19 at grocery stores across Colorado. Seven of them are active now with multiple cases.

DENVER, Colorado — According to data from the Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment (CDPHE), there are currently seven active COVID-19 outbreaks at grocery stores across Colorado. 

As Colorado continues to watch cases spike in neighboring states, 9NEWS has received a number of questions regarding mask policies for grocery shoppers.

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With Executive Order D 2020 1110, Governor Jared Polis required all essential workers, including those working in grocery stores, to wear a mask when at work. The order also allowed "businesses to refuse service to customers who are not wearing a mask," a spokesperson for the Governor told 9NEWS.

Since the state does not mandate customers wear a mask, it's up to local municipalities to pass ordinances if they are so inclined. Denver, for example, requires shoppers wear a mask indoors. 

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We asked some grocery stores about their policies addressing masks. Every respondent told 9NEWS their policy was pursuant to local orders.


"Throughout this pandemic, the health and safety of our associates and everyone who walks through our doors has been our top priority. We require our associates and vendors to wear masks and expect that our customers follow all applicable local and state regulations with respect to face coverings for their protection and for that of our employees. We have signs posted in all of our stores with this message. Safeway offers curbside/drive up & go and home delivery service as an alternative for customers who do not want to go into the store."

King Soopers

"To help keep our associates and customers safe, we require all associates to wear a facial covering and we are providing masks to every associate, every shift. We also request all customers to wear a mask while shopping in our stores – or alternatively use our e-commerce services like pickup or delivery.  

In locations where masks are mandated, we support the local ordinance and are making every reasonable effort to encourage compliance. We also enforce the ordinance through door signage and in-store radio as well as the ongoing execution of additional protection measures like floor decals and protective partitions at every check lane to further promote physical distancing." 


"In Denver, shoppers are required to wear masks while in the store in accordance with the local mandate. Local Sprouts stores are encouraging shoppers to practice social distancing throughout the store and have installed plexiglass register barriers for added protection during checkout. Sprouts is closely following CDC and other health authority guidelines and is regularly providing our store teams the latest safety guidelines. In addition to our regular food safety and cleaning procedures, we have invested additional labor hours into our stores to allow for more frequent cleaning, paying close attention to high touch areas such as service counters, restrooms, carts, and checkout lanes.

All store team members must complete a health questionnaire and have their temperature checked before every shift. They are also required to wear masks on every shift, while team members in produce, meat, deli, bakery and bulk are required to wear gloves."

Whole Foods

"To protect the health and safety of our team members and communities, we require everyone working in our stores to wear face masks and are requesting that all customers wear masks while shopping in our stores. We are now providing face masks at the entrance of all stores for customers who do not have their own face covering. Stores will continue to follow local ordinances regarding personal protective equipment."

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