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High-risk Coloradans continue to fear COVID risks

While many have moved on from the pandemic, the dangers of COVID are still very real for those who are at increased risk.

COLORADO, USA — Look around today and it’d be hard to notice much that’s different from before the pandemic. Stadiums are full, concerts are packed and most have left their masks at home.

But not everyone.

While much of the world has moved on from the pandemic, COVID is far from over for many. For people who are immunocompromised, life today still does not feel normal.

Eileen Adair is living with cystic fibrosis. It makes her immune system weaker. She got COVID in December and is just recovering now.

"I sort of can’t believe we’re still dealing with it, or a lot of us are still dealing with it," Adair said. "I was in the hospital for almost 30 days. I was home for almost a week and then was quickly put back in with COVID pneumonia. Even though I was vaccinated and boosted, my body just couldn’t fight it."

While much of the world has moved on, the pandemic is still very real for Adair. She’s usually one of the only people in her classroom or the grocery store or wherever she goes still wearing a mask. For her, it’s about safety.

"I am just still anxious to be out in the world," Adair said. "I want to protect myself so that I can keep living life, because I love this great life. I’m glad I’m out experiencing stuff again, but I don’t think it’ll ever be the same."

COVID isn’t as big of a threat for everybody now. But it’s still very scary for many.

"I don’t want to be a nag. I don’t want to make other people feel uncomfortable for not wearing a mask in a certain situation, because everybody’s story is so different," Adair said. "Everybody has a different need of protection."

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