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'It is vital': USPS financial trouble could impact how small businesses operate without mail carrier

Postal product sales are plummeting as a result of the coronavirus. USPS needs funding to continue to operate.

More than 19 million pieces of mail are processed every hour by the United States Postal Service. That number could soon be zero. 

USPS faces financial troubles from the coronavirus that could shut services down, which could affect businesses relying on the postal service.

Postal product sales are plummeting as a result of COVID-19, putting a financial strain on the postal service.

“Unless Congress and the White House provide meaningful relief in the next stimulus bill, the Postal Service could cease to exist," said Oversight Committee Chair Carolyn Maloney.

That would do serious harm to businesses like Mark Moss’s, whose Law Office in Jacksonville heavily relies on USPS.

“It is vital,” he said.

If the postal service isn’t an option anymore, Moss would have to use a more expensive alternative to get important documents to clients. It also means he wouldn't get delivery confirmation cards, which is important for the legal system.

“Having these green cards come back, and these are what needs to be filed with the court showing proof of delivery," said Moss.

In a statement made last Friday, Postmaster General Megan Brennan said the sudden drop in mail volumes is so steep, the Postal Service, “may never fully recover.”

“If they don’t have the funding to continue to operate it’s going to be an even bigger change to all the changes I think we are seeing recently,” said Moss.

The Trump administration has refused a bailout, only offering a loan.

Plummeting postal sales aren't the only problem. 

In 2006, Congress passed a law requiring the Postal Service to pre-fund employee pensions 75 years into the future. 

With the combination of the two, USPS says it will run out of money before the end of the year unless Congress steps in.

As Americans are urged to stay home, the need for people to have access to vital packages, documents and letters like benefits checks, medicines, and other necessities will grow. However, it could be even harder for them to get without the postal service.

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