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St. Louis events make a comeback as more vaccinations come into play

"You have to plan. You don't wait until it's normal and then contact touring acts, by then it's well into 2022 with any shows."

ST. LOUIS — COVID-19 dialed things down causing the entertainment venue scene to go radio silent. But as immunity cranks up, so does the noise.

For the Pageant, it's already booking concerts in September.

"You have to plan," Managing Partner Patrick Hagin said. "You don't wait until it's normal and then contact touring acts, by then it's well into 2022 with any shows."

Same goes for the Old Rock House.

Tim Weber, the Old Rock House's Managing Partner, said on a typical calendar, they book three months out in advance.

"With COVID-19, we are looking three to six months out," he said.

Weber said they are scheduling outdoor shows for April at the Chesterfield Amphitheater.

The 500 capacity club already had a small run of shows this fall and limited it to 50 people.

"Groups sat together, masks, no dancing allowed," he said.

But Weber hopes the next time you come in, it won't be as limited.

"Coming up in 2021, we hope some of those relax a bit and still make smart decisions to do this safely, but get that capacity number up a bit. We're looking at reopening inside late- to mid-summer," he said. 

On a larger scale, country star Luke Bryan is performing at Hollywood Casino Amphitheater in June.

In May, a comedy lineup is set at the Enterprise Center called the 'In Real Life Comedy Tour' with Mike Epps. 

But it won't look like old times.

Enterprise has already been in play since January with Blues hockey.

Vice President General Manager Todd Mitchell said it'll continue with the same practices.

Besides a ticket, a COVID-19 health screening is also required at the door.

"We're going to use the entire arena, so the stage will be in the middle so we can social distance people out. You're going to have pods of four seats with six feet in between them and pods of two," he explains.

Enterprise also allows you to mobile order, so you don't wait in line. Specific entrance and exit points will be in place and recommended entry times will ensure guests remain properly distanced. 

As for the Cardinals, 14,000 fans will be allowed in the stands for home games in April.

On Tuesday at 11 a.m., you can start buying tickets, but you must buy tickets for three or more games.

Single-game tickets are on sale Wednesday.

All these different venues will have reduced capacity attached with guidelines.

These events are planned out months in advance, but again, if cases rise, changes will be made.

Many of these venue operators are used to rolling with the punches and will adjust if need be.

But even with changes, this comeback is music to one's ears.

"We'll add a vibrancy to downtown that I think has been missing," Weber said.

The Regional Arts Commission has a study and it found the nonprofit arts and culture sector is a $590 million industry in the Greater St. Louis Area. One that supports 19,000 full-time jobs and generates $57 million in local and state government revenue.

The Regional Arts Commission said more than 100 arts organizations from all over Missouri have become Missouri ArtSafe certified. Participating organizations include theaters, galleries, museums, concert halls, and more.

The benefits of a Missouri ArtSafe Certification include:

    • Exclusive training for frontline staff and volunteers
    • Specialized information on how to reopen safely
    • Custom guidance on developing a COVID-19 safety plan
    • Promotion of efforts to create safely, present safely, and attend safely

The Missouri Arts Safety Alliance, led by the Missouri Arts Council, was established to assist with the development of standards, guidelines, and protocols to support the safe reopening of arts and culture venues throughout the state.

For more information about the Certification, you can go here.