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Colorado businesses promote vaccines for staff, customers

Local businesses are now holding clinics, offering giveaways, and coming up with incentives to convince the vaccine holdouts to get a shot.

DENVER — Jose Beteta is eager for business to get back “to normal” – he is CEO and co-founder of Raices Brewing Company in Denver, which opened about a year and a half ago – right before the pandemic. 

Like many other businesses that survived the pandemic, Raices had to stay flexible.

“We’re hanging in there,” Beteta said Wednesday. “Obviously with nice, warm, [sunny] weather we’re doing a lot better. Obviously, the increased capacity going back to normal – it’s a whole lot better.”

Beteta and his team believe vaccines are the answer – the way back to normal. Now Raices, along with other local businesses, are promoting vaccinations for staff and customers.

“All we want is for everyone to be safe, go back to normal, restart economy. Go back to enjoying life again,” he said.

Raices teamed up with SE2, a local marketing company, as well as the Colorado Brewers Guild to create a pro-vaccine label breweries can customize to wrap around their beer cans. 

The effort, known as Vaccine for Victory, depicts the image of a hand giving a peace sign (or V for Victory) using the colors of the Colorado flag.

Raices is selling various beers from its brewery wrapped with the logo, now. He hopes other breweries will join in.

The brewery has supported and encouraged its staff members to get vaccinated and is also hosting a vaccine clinic for the public on June 19.

“We want to welcome people to come and get vaccinated and feel a lot safer,” he said.

“We believe it's important for us, the whole community, to stay safe, enjoy each other, create moments with family and friends at our spaces, and of course to drink a beer! That’s a win for everyone,” said another Raices co-founder and VP of Development, Tamil Maldonado Vega.

She joined Gov. Jared Polis during a press conference Wednesday to promote vaccines in Colorado.

“It is important for us to stay safe and revitalize the economy.”

Beyond breweries, other local businesses are promoting vaccines, too.

King Soopers and Safeway are offering vaccine giveaways like cash drawings and grocery discounts. Red Rocks is giving out shots at concerts. Some individual businesses are hosting clinics or giveaways for employees.

“We encourage Colorado businesses to continue to step up, help end the pandemic, and power the comeback,” Polis said Wednesday.

At Raices, vaccine motivation looks like a new label wrapped around a beer can – or an invitation for customers to stop by for a shot on an upcoming Saturday.

“We lost so many people, even before vaccines were available, we cannot let this opportunity go by,” Beteta said. “We want everybody vaccinated so we can go back and engage with each other in person, enjoy things life has to give us.”