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Offering incentives – Boulder business boasts employees 100% vaccinated

Henkel shared the news with every customer that walked in on Tuesday – many answered back with applause or a fist bump.

BOULDER, Colo. — A Boulder business celebrates getting 100% of its employees vaccinated – the owners of Village Coffee Shop offered a $100 bonus to any employee who got the shot.

Earlier this week, the shop announced that the last of its 14 employees were vaccinated. 

"We love Boulder it has been such an amazing place to run a restaurant even through COVID," owner Shanna Henkel said.  "We in turn feel passionate about protecting our community we know there are a lot of especially a lot children that are not vaccinated yet." 

Jesus Moreno, a cook that's worked at Village Coffee for 21 years, was excited about the incentive. He said everyone should get vaccinated. 

"Feels good now," Moreno added with a laugh. 

Village Coffee has been in business for decades Henkel was a waitress for seven years before buying the restaurant from the previous owner 17 years ago. 

"So many wonderful regulars," she said. "We have some people that eat here everyday. We have some people that sometimes eat here twice a day. We have a very loyal following."

Henkel shared the news with every customer that walked in on Tuesday. Many answered back with applause or a fist bump. 

Regular Zach Zalesne was more than happy to hear about the fully vaccinated staff. 

"It really just makes you feel more comfortable to be in that kind of setting where you know that the staff is vaccinated," he said. 

"It is a relatively small space so I love that they we're doing that."

Village Coffee is just 890 square feet – while the business is small, Henkel hopes its impact on the restaurant industry can be big. 

"I would love to be part of encouraging businesses to encourage their staff financially. It does make a difference to have a financial bonus and not just feeling good about helping your community," she said. 

"We’re doing everything we can to help everyone around us."