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Kids under 5 can now get a COVID-19 vaccine in Colorado

Mobile clinics began offering the vaccine for the youngest children on Wednesday.

COLORADO, USA — The state of Colorado started administering the COVID-19 for the littlest patients this week. Children 5 and younger are now eligible for the Moderna or Pfizer vaccine.

On Wednesday, the Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment started offering the vaccine for children between 6 months and 5 years at mobile clinics at Children’s Hospital Colorado campuses.

“We’ve been waiting since she was born,” Sachielle Samedi said. “We’re so relieved. We’re so happy.” 

Her 22-month-old daughter, Giselle, was born during the pandemic in 2020. 

“We’ve been waiting a really long time,” Beth Ertz said. Her daughter, Annie, is 4 years old.

“We know kids aren’t likely to be severely ill. But there’s a chance she could," she said. "We just want the extra protection while she’s at preschool, or seeing family members that might be at risk that are older.”

Annie tolerated the shot well. Her mother said they prepared by “role-playing” at home with a toy doctor set, where Annie pretended to give her mom a shot. 

Once the real shot was over Wednesday, Annie got a cherry-flavored sucker, and sported a special Band-Aid with pictures of the Baby Shark character.

Simran Sabherwal has two children. Her youngest, 4-year-old Samana, got her shot Wednesday, too.

“This has been our last hurdle to returning, or semi-returning, to normal life,” Sabherwal said.

“She’s been in preschool. It's been really nerve-wracking for us. There were times we didn’t send her when [cases] were at their height, or during the omicron surge, we kept her home for a few weeks," she said. "It was a rocky year.”

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Families interested in making a vaccine mobile clinic appointment can visit the CDPHE website. Health officials also recommend families call their pediatrician’s office to see if they plan to offer the vaccine.

Starting on Thursday, CDPHE said the state will send texts and email notifications to parents and guardians with children in this age group, to let them know the vaccine is available. The state said text messages will come from the number 45778 and read:

COVID-19 vaccines are now available for children as young as 6 months! Please contact your child’s primary care provider, local public health agency, or community health center to make an appointment today. For more info, visit: http://covid19.colorado.gov/kids-vaccines

Other options for appointments include retail pharmacies or public health agencies. The state offers a list of places to find vaccine appointments on CDPHE’s website.

Kasier Permanente is also offering appointments at 24 locations along the Front Range. Kaiser is only offering the Pfzier vaccine, at this time, for children ages 6 months to 4 years old.

Families can make an appointment for their children, and do not have to be Kaiser Permanente members to schedule a shot.

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