New recommendations from the American Academy of Pediatrics calling for much less fruit juice for children is, in part, a result of the work of Dr. Patty Braun, a physician who specializes in pediatrics at Denver Health and University of Colorado Hospital.

The old guidelines issued 16 years ago, advised against juice for babies younger than six months.

The new guidelines issued this week recommend babies younger than one, should not drink fruit juice.

Physicians, including Dr. Braun, have been concerned about childhood obesity and tooth decay.

Dr. Patty Braun

They point to the fact that fruit juice is full of calories and sugar, and lacks the fiber found in fresh fruit.

"We'd rather have children eat fruit naturally,” Dr. Braun said. “That way they get less sugar, more fiber and they still get all the vitamins that are in fruit juice. Fiber's important to help our digestive system, give us a sense of fullness, not make us hungry for food that we don't need."

The new policy also recommends a limit of only four ounces of fruit juice a day for toddlers, and six ounces a day for pre-schoolers.