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Exploring the health benefits of herbs

Spring is the perfect time to get your herb garden growing.

Herbs: medicinal little plants that make food taste great, but are also great for so many other reasons!

As spring approaches fast - despite that snow fall we had! - I wanted to share some easy pot-growing plants and tips to help you with your own garden and your own health.

If you have an apartment with a lot of sun, it's not too soon to get your herbs growing. Water every 2-3 days and put them in direct sunlight, only moving outside after Mother's Day and when most chances of frost are gone.

My favorite herbs are listed below. Many are in my teas that I created because of how powerful they are.

Sage - great to breathe in, for those with asthma or those with respiratory issues

Catnip - makes cats crazy, but makes humans calm! Great for teas and also to keep your cat entertained!

Lemon Balm - citrusy and fresh, great for anxiety or tension

Rosemary - great for memory and focus, and also for hair growth!

Oregano - a powerful natural antibiotic for when you get sick or to keep immune system strong

Enjoy those herbs and get growing!