At the beginning of each year we all make promises to ourselves that often times only stick around for the month of January.

In fact, some research shows only eight percent of people actually achieve their New Year's goals.

9NEWS fitness expert Jamie Atlas came by the studio on Friday to give us four steps to help actually keep those resolutions.

Step 1: But why?

Think about the 'why' of your goal - that is, what is the feeling, the change in your world, the thing that will make you feel special when you have achieved or are on the path to achieving this?

Step 2: Figure out the "tipping point"

Ask yourself "at what point am I going to have so much momentum in my goal that the rest will seem easy?" That point is the one you should aim for as a goal, the actual achievement of the resolution as a 'goal plus'.

Step 3: Focus on St Patricks Day (in 3 parts)

Instead By breaking down our resolution into a whole year, take your 'tipping point' and try to achieve it (or a significant step) by March 11th. Breaking that into 3 bite sized 3 week chunks gets you to St Patricks day and gives you a light at the end of the tunnel

Step 4: The best offense is a good defense

There will be other factors that have tried to quash your ideas and goals before. Anticipate those people/situations/mindsets and do what you can to plan ahead. The best way to guarantee success is to first carve a clear path to your goal!

Jamie Atlas is an award winning personal trainer in Denver who runs his own personal training studio in the heart of downtown Denver. You can contact him with questions at or find more about him at