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Volunteer for a 9Health Fair and help your community

Thousands of people volunteer every year, but the 9Health Fair needs more people to make this year's spring health fairs a success. Here's how to get involved.

The 9Health Fair is celebrating 40 years of serving Colorado. In the last four decades they have helped thousands of people own their health through affordable health screenings as well as free health screenings and education.

9Health Fair volunteers are the driving force that ensures Coloradans are getting the vital health information they need. Every year, 9Health depends on more than 10,000 people to make the health fairs happen. Regardless of your skill set, chances are there is a need you can meet.

“We’re looking for medical volunteers and non-medical volunteers,” explains Jessica Romito, a 9Health leadership volunteer, “Non-medical volunteers have the opportunity to help us with everything from registration, check-in, cashiering, to actually doing height, weight, BMI, and vision screenings. Medical professionals are doing higher level type screenings, blood draws, ask a medical professional, and ask a pharmacist to help with medications as well. We are looking for a broad range of people.” Romito volunteers as the site coordinator for the Salvation Army Denver Red Shield Corps Community Center site in the Whittier, five-points neighborhood of Denver.

This year will be the second year for Romito and the Salvation Army Denver Red Shield health fair site. She says, after the first fair she was so proud of the difference they had made and is excited to provide the service to her community again this spring, “I left in tears that day. It was so powerful to know that we were able to serve our community in such a unique way. Our location sits in the Whittier, five-points neighborhood and healthcare isn’t always easy to come by. And so, I left crying, because I felt like we had made such an impact and I know our other volunteers felt the same.”

In her role as a site coordinator, Romito oversees volunteers and ensures the fair runs smoothly, “I call all of our volunteers ahead of time and speak with them about their responsibilities. They have packets there, they know what they’re getting into.”

As a 9Health Fair volunteer you are never alone, and you become part of something bigger than yourself, “It’s been the most welcoming community I’ve ever been a part of. Everyone acts like your best friends instantly. You walk into any fair and there’s people greeting you and it’s a heartwarming experience to know your community comes together to serve people in such an amazing way. It is a little bit overwhelming when you walk into your first fair. There’s so many things happening, but there’s so many people to guide you and help you,” says Romito.

She also says that being a 9Health Fair volunteer has been a good way for her to network with others and because 9Health is a year-round organization, there’s ways to be involved throughout the entire year.

To learn more about the opportunities available and to sign up, click here.