It’s called the baby box, and it includes necessities like diapers and wipes- but don’t throw away the package it came in just yet.

The items come in a durable cardboard box, and the company that makes these boxes are encouraging parents to use it as beds for the babies’ first five to six months.

The Baby Box Company’s missions are to reduce infant mortality and to empower parents across the nation.

It’s why they partnered up with health organizations in Colorado.

They want to equip parents with free boxes of baby products- but more importantly, education.

Any parent in Colorado can sign up to complete an online course. Once parents finish, they can receive a free baby box.

The box is an idea inspired by Finland’s baby box program. The country has one of the world’s lowest infant mortality rates, and many credit the program for it.

Colorado will be the fifth state in the U.S. to offer families the baby box program. Other states include New Jersey, Ohio, Alabama, and Texas.