Yeah, we admit it. This sounds wacky: exercising in an airport. But one man says not only is it not wacky, it's a realistic way to get a workout in as you prepare for your flight.

Ken Seifert wrote the book “The Complete Guide to Airport Exercise.”

As a U.S. diplomat, he spends much of his time traveling around the world. Knowing how much he enjoys international food, Seifert didn't want to miss his workouts. That's when he started developing his exercise plan.

It involves bringing exercise bands to do exercises like bicep curls and chest flies. He can turn a chair at the airline gate into a piece of exercise equipment too, using it to do tricep dips and ab work.

And let's not forget about running.

“The longest I've ever done was nine miles,” Seifert said. “I was training for a marathon.”

He says he has to be very aware of his surroundings while running around the airport, so that he doesn't bump into anybody. He can work up quite the sweat. Which begs the question: does he do on the plane stinky? The answer: no.

“You just use soap you brought with you. Paper towels are there, lather up,” he said in one of his Facebook videos.

Seifert recommends packing toiletries and a change of clothes and washing up right before the flight…. You know, so you're not the stinky person on the plane.

For more airport exercise tips, watch 9NEWS Reporter TaRhonda Thomas work out with Ken Seifert at DIA in the video above.